Gemini: Double happiness, double care

Gemini: Double happiness, double care. Every year more than 3000 twins and a few dozen triplets are born in the Netherlands. Determining factors for having a multiple birth are the use of birth techniques such as hormone treatments and IVF and the age of the mother. If you start with children later, you have a greater chance of having a multiple birth.

Rising age

The still rising age of the Dutch woman on which she receives children increases the number of multiple births. On the other hand, in the last ten years we have seen a changing policy at IVF, which reduces the number of multiple births. On balance, we see the number of twins declining slightly over the past 5 years, while the number of triplets has dropped spectacularly from over 100 per year in the 1990s to a few dozen in the last two years. Quad and quintuplets are very rare in the Netherlands.

One or two-egg

Twins can be one or two-person. Single twin children arise from one split egg cell and that is why they look similar. Two-egg twins grow from two fertilized egg cells. They resemble each other as much or as little as other children in a family. An identical twin always consists of two boys or two girls, while a two-person twin can also consist of a girl and a boy. Twin parents think that getting and having twins is different from two children in succession. It starts during pregnancy. This is supervised by a gynecologist and you will give birth in the hospital. You do not only need a lot of stuff twice, but also the care and upbringing require extra attention. Because, do you have to educate them in the same way or is it important that twin children develop into two separate people? Nowadays, many twin children get different clothes, get their own presents and you do not always see them together. It is also different for the parents: two children must always be fed, transported, bathed and comforted. That is a double concern, but also double happiness and very special!


Fortunately, there is a lot of information for multiple parents. The Dutch Association for Parents of Meerlingen (NVOM) offers a lot of information in the field of pregnancy, childbirth, baby time and upbringing, but also practical matters such as transport, holidays, schooling, etc. The parents themselves are also discussed: multiple births often give stress in the family and the relationship; the association offers opportunities to discuss this with professionals or other parents. The NVOM holds a large Multiple Day every year, has its own quarterly magazine, a lively forum on its website, etc.

Multiple phone

The NVOM Multiple Telephone offers a listening ear and professional advice in the field of education, language development, relationship and family tensions, etc. You can visit the Meerlingen telephone every Monday morning between 09.00 and 11.15 and every first Monday of the month between 20.30-21.30 hrs. correctly: 0900 multiples or 0900 - 633 75 46.
Furthermore, several good multiple books are for sale, for example that of Lenny Duijvelaar and Anjo Geluk, Het Tweelingenboek ', Kosmos-Z & K; isbn 9021535181. Idem, The Twin Journals', Union book; isbn 9026928602, two diaries with information and infill space.

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