The great tour

Now that the days are dark early in the evening, cold and inclined, how nice is it to make it cozy inside. Invite friends with a nice drink and snack and play with each other. You can find cosiness within. We have regular games evenings here and they are very cozy.

But, of course, you do not want to put the same game on the table all the time, that makes you feel a bit simple, so maybe The great tour is a fun new challenge? Invite family or friends and travel together through Europe. The adventure! Well, but in your warm house.

You are going on a journey

When I look at the box, I feel a sense of nostalgia. What is the purpose? Well you are going on a trip! Traveling through Europe, because Europe has very nice hotspots that you should have seen. You will visit the cities with a group of tourists in a minibus. You drive from La Scala in Milan to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and then head for Amsterdam. The competition tries to do it faster and better than you.
There is a lot to do, because going on a trip means that you have to pick out the tickets carefully. Whoever does the best, scores the most points and you can even earn bonuses.

What's in the box?

The box is quite full, because in the box you will find the following parts:
A game board, 65 Route maps (13 Route maps per color), 45 VIP Route maps (3 regular route maps and 5 VIP Route maps per color, 5 VIP Jokers, Joker cards (40 Route maps, 4 regular route maps per color and 20 jokers), 40 (Tour) tickets , small vans (10 per player, 6 colors), big vans (1 per player, 6 colors), 50 City tiles and the rules (Dutch / English / German).

And, is it what?

Hell yes. The great tour is definitely a fun game for the cold winter evenings. You visit Europe without having to leave the heat of your home. However, before you are well on your way, you are a lot of time further. With unpacking everything you are sweet for a considerable time (handy to do this before game night starts) and also the rules are not immediately clear. Of course you'll get out of it and once you realize how everything works, then the fun can start. Good preparation is half the job.

Required skills are spatial planning and flexibility and creativity when your plan is thwarted by other players. A fun game to play together with friends or family.

Specifications The great tour

NameThe great tour
price24.95 euros

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