Play brain

Playing is inextricably linked to small children. It is important for all kinds of developments. Think of motor development, but also, for example, speech development. Often, playing with your child automatically. You chat to him, play a game of peek-a-boo or read (interactively) a story. All great ways of playing. But sometimes your child needs extra attention, for example if he has stubborn brains. Then playing becomes even more important. Playing then becomes a crucial way to stimulate the development of your child.

Play brain

Play brain is written for parents of children with brain injury. This could for example have happened due to a traffic accident, but it is also possible that your child has fallen very hard, perhaps from a staircase. Sometimes the damage to the brain is immediately noticeable, but sometimes it is not. Play brain is a do-book to stimulate the development of your child in a playful way. The book offers various ways of playing that match the level of development and interests of your child.

Always good

It does not matter how far your child is in his development, there is always a next step and that is why this book always fits in well with your child. The age indications in this book are only guidelines, you can treat them loosely and use them according to your own judgment. The most important starting point is having fun together.

Useful guidelines

When I leaf through the book, it strikes me that it was made with a lot of love. It has useful (sometimes short), practical guidelines and tips that you can do something with. For example, the chapter "What is important in playing?" Handy reminders where you can immediately do something with it, take it into account or apply it. But the book offers more, it also gives you insight into how vulnerable brains work and what influence brain injury can have. That way you also get more insight into the situation and the way you can help him.
A wonderful book for parents but also for professionals in the care sector.

Specifications Play brain

TitlePlay brain
PublishingBreindok Publishing
AuthorMarleen van der Wees
IllustratorStudio Pietje Exactly
Number of pages105
price19.75 euros

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