Go crazy

In this house is regularly called by Rocco, our adolescent son, "do normal". Apparently we normally do not do so normally. But yes, what is normal? Rob, my partner, and I indeed love to go crazy. On a regular basis, one of the two utterly nonsense starts to stand out and the other immediately attacks. We can hold on to this kind of improvised sketches for a long time, sometimes following the feeble smile. Rocco finds it terrible. According to him, parents should continue to do very normal and be very boring.

Ah, we do not care much about it. So sometimes I give my partner the craziest names, we draw the most stupid faces to each other and we make the most ridiculous conversations. Frankly, I suspect Rocco that he often secretly laughs at us a bit. Although he obviously does not notice it, after all he is a teenager and laughing at your parents is probably not very tough.


Although most of the funniestering usually occurs spontaneously and improvisedly, with this booklet you can come a long way if you are less self-taught. And why would not you do it? That straitjacket may really just agree. You will notice that it will do you good! This booklet contains no less than 500 assignments that you can do to just let go of everything. I would say, "Hup, throw your hair and do a few!" I'll name a few for you:

Talk for 1 minute as a smurf.
Walk like a baby taking its first steps and in the meantime sing 'On a small station'.
Say 10 times in a row: Smart Sjaantje hit the slow butcher.
Try to balance a pencil on the tip of your nose for as long as possible.

New habit

If I browse it this way I have to laugh, because these are assignments that we just make up in between. Maybe it's an idea to simply put this book on the dining table as standard and introduce a new habit to do at least one assignment from the book after dinner. It is wonderful to shake the yoke of the day that way ... Maybe Rocco likes it too! I just say: Go crazy!

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