The constellation of your child: What does this say about his character?

Every child is different, every child is unique. But some character traits are very similar. The position of the stars, planets, moon, sun and much more, can tell a few things about the character of your child.

Of course there are many more (environmental) conditions that determine the character of your child. Learning the language of your child is difficult enough. Sometimes you can use some insight with that. We have tried to give this help in the form of short character sketches.

Constellation - What is Astrology?

Astrology or astrology is a collective term for ideas about the connection between the fate of people and events on earth and the state of the celestial bodies. It mainly concerns the connection between the movements of the sun, moon and planets, which were also referred to as "stars" in ancient times. The birth chart is an essential part of astrology. They have been made since ancient times, although astrology has evolved considerably since then.
According to contemporary astrology, a birth chart does not predict the future of the born person, but does provide information about the psychological predisposition of that person.

All constellations

21/3 -21/4

21/4 - 22/5

22/5 - 22/6

22/6 - 24/7

24/7 - 24/8

24/8 - 24/9

24/9 - 24/10

24/10 - 23/11

23/11 - 22/12

22/12 - 21/1

21/1 - 20/2

20/2 - 21/3

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