Car sickness in children: this is how you prevent nausea

Many people go on the road when they go on holiday. That gives a lot of convenience and freedom, but it can be annoying when your child suffers from car sickness. Not every child suffers from car sickness, but it does occur a lot. Car sickness occurs because the organ of equilibrium gets upset and therefore occurs mainly in children between two and ten years. This is because their equilibrium organ has not yet fully grown. What can you do to prevent car sickness?

Do not sign, do not read

During a long drive, many children like to draw or read in the back seat. This is useful for entertainment and killing time, but it can be a bad idea with regard to motion sickness. This is because the eyes register during the reading a different movement than the brain. This may cause car sickness. Have the children look out through the front window or the side windows. What does not really cause nausea, is placing a monitor behind the front seat. Because the child looks straight ahead, he probably suffers less from car sickness while also having a distraction from the ride.

Light meal

Traveling on an empty stomach can make the car sickness worse. Give your child a light meal before you leave. Think for example of a few biscuits, rice cakes, fruit or for example some slices of cucumber. It is also important to let your child drink enough. Preferably choose drinks that contain little or no sugar. Choose water or water with taste (add strawberries for example). If you make a long journey, it is also useful to bring something tasty on the go. Rice waffles are great to bring (they are also available with a layer of chocolate), but also a bag of carrots or a cucumber cut into pieces is easy to carry in the car.


There are medicines on the market that help against car sickness. One of the most famous is Primatour. Medicines like Primatour do not make sure that the motion sickness is completely remedied, but can help the child if it has a tendency to vomit. The medicine reduces nausea and makes the child calm. It should be taken about one hour before the trip and will last up to six hours. It can be taken from two years. Many people are against the use of medicines. It is therefore advisable to first try to reduce the car sickness of a child by following the other tips and then immediately use medication. There is no medication without side effects.

A sufficient break

You have to imagine that your child has a lot of trouble in the car. Sufficient break and fresh air is therefore very important. Try to make a short stop every hour for the child to take a walk. Turn the air conditioning on in the car or put the window a little crack.

Also remember

By following these tips, a successful holiday is virtually guaranteed. Do not forget: take out any additional car insurance (roadside assistance abroad) and have a car check done at the garage. After all, you never know what happens on the way.

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