2x as much data: you can all do this

Do you combine 2 (or more) mobile subscriptions from Telfort at one address? Then we reward you with twice as much data. Very nice of course, but what can you do with twice as much data on your mobile phone? We gathered some nice ideas for you.

More data, more film

Have you looked outside? Ideal weather to look inside a movie. Even if you are in a cabin on the moor or on the way to college with the train. With that extra data that you get from us every month, you can watch an exciting movie or episode of your favorite series without any worries. Do you want to stream Netflix in HD quality? Then count on that you consume about 2 GB per hour.

Become a kitchen prince (es)

Do not you know what to put on the table tonight? Open the YouTube app and be inspired. Look for example the fun videos of ChicksLoveFood, where they explain step by step how to make an easy meal with only 5 ingredients. Want to watch YouTube movies? Then you are about 200 to 400 MB per hour if you watch the videos in normal quality (480p).

Do not miss out on TV

Download the iTV app and watch television wherever you want or watch your favorite programs. Throughout the EU you can watch Dutch TV channels for free via the interactive TV app on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are on a train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam or on your grandmother's birthday. You do not have to miss that one exciting football game and just look at your phone. Do you want to watch TV via the iTV app? Then you consume about 1 GB per hour.

Podcasts and audiobooks

Whether you bring the children to swimming lessons, sit on the bike to school or make a nice autumn walk in the forest. Enjoy audiobooks and podcasts at any time of the day, wherever you are. Storytel (9.99 per month) is ideal if you want to enjoy the wide range of Dutch and English audiobooks without limit. They also have a shelf with children's books. Handy if your children can use some distraction in the back seat of the car. Do you prefer to listen to a free podcast? Then browse through the offer on Spotify or listen to Pod Dutch's Dutch podcasts.

All together

Once at home on the couch, everyone picks up his phone. One of them watches the latest vlogs on YouTube, while the other plays his favorite game on his smartphone or is sunk in Twitch. You prefer to look back in peace at the last episode of Boer Zoekt Vrouw. If you live in a busy student house or have a large family at home, then this situation is probably not unknown to you. With twice as much data on your phone, everyone can do their own thing, wherever and whenever you want.

Already a customer at Telfort?

Are you already a Telfort customer and do you have two mobile subscriptions (or more) at one address? Then you automatically receive 2x as much data every month from October 15th. You do not have to do anything else for that. As a new customer you also benefit from this advantage if you combine 2 mobile Telfort subscriptions at the same address. Do you want to know more? Read more about CombiVoordeel from Telfort and how it works.

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