Color in the children's interior

Are you pregnant with your first child? Or are you already catching the spring fever and are you ready for a complete make-over of the nursery? Anyway: setting up a nursery is a task where you can use the necessary inspiration! Which colors are hip & happening right now? And what are the latest trends in the area of โ€‹โ€‹children's rooms? We bring you a lot of inspiration today!

Scandinavian children's room

In recent years, the Dutch have enchanted themselves en masse by the Scandinavian living trends. Children's rooms also had to believe. The use of light colors, furniture of untreated wood and a minimalist design are examples of this trend from the High North. This year, too, the Scandinavian interior is totally hip again in the Dutch children's rooms. Yet the colors and color trends for this year are slightly more daring.

Colors with guts

Striking colors such as petrol and pink are back again completely. When the base is light or white, colors with guts can make a wall stand out completely. Do you use such a bright fashion color on one or more walls in the nursery? Keep the rest of the interior quiet. This prevents your child (you) becoming over-stimulated and does not completely relax in the room. Bold colors can be perfectly combined with minimalist furniture made of natural materials.

Efficient design

It is important to organize the nursery as efficiently as possible. In a busy, overcrowded room, a child can become over-stimulated rather than in a quiet room. So you have to work with the space you have. A small space makes you look bigger with a light base. Keep the colors on the wall quiet and bring atmosphere to the room with warm accessories.

Creating a play corner is also a good idea. Of course, with a larger number of children, a desk should not be missing. This is a place where your school-age child can do some quiet homework or draw. Also look for free inspirational living books and brochures to get ideas for the design of the nursery.

Convenient storage system

To prevent the children's room from being turned into a battlefield full of lying around toys, it is a good idea to use handy storage systems. Think of a nice toy box. This is very useful for small children. In this way they learn that after playing they have to be cleaned up. A trendy cupboard with colorful storage baskets is handy and fun for kids in every age group.


Pay some extra attention to nice accessories for the nursery. For example, a special lamp, a cute side table or a nice bookshelf for on the wall. Also with a nice rug you give the room a different atmosphere. Give your child, if old enough of course, here a choice. So your shoot has the chance to have his or her character reflected in the interior. In addition, being allowed to co-decide on your own room gives the self-confidence of your child a boost. And that is of course also worth a lot!

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