Development of baby in month 5

Your child can drool, put fingers in his mouth, have a red spot or bulge on his jaw edge, be sticky, have loose stools, red cheeks, chapped buttocks ... all signs that there is a tooth coming! That is cleaning!
He likes to have his favorite cuddle when he goes to sleep. It has become his support and refuge.

His development continues

Your child will try to throw his belly to his back. It is not really rolling yet. But he has now seen the stillness. A play mat can therefore be a lot of fun for him. With the help of your support, your child can sit on his lap and turn his head from left to right. Both hands are now starting to work together better and everything goes straight into the mouth.

Around this time you can expect his first tears. For this your baby only cried with sound.

In the prone position he can lean on his arms and a toy, which you loose in your hands, he can now take away from you. Maybe he can move a rattle back and forth. He begins to babble more and more (babababa, dadadada, mamamama) and increasingly makes use of sounds with consonants. He is going to try to copy sounds.
He begins to get more and more of his own will, for example he does not want to lie down but sit up and look around. He can play alone for a while. He can be a little shy towards strangers.

Ensure a safe environment

Your child wants to investigate if he gets the chance and he is curious enough to want to take all objects in his neighborhood. Therefore make sure that his environment is safe enough.

Vegetables and fruit

Maybe you started at the end of last month and maybe you will start this month, the extension of his diet: the vegetable and / or fruit snack! You can make the snacks yourself, but of course also buy them in the shop. He will have to get used to these new flavors and if he does not like it at all, it is not bad either. Just wait a little longer, because in his milk feeds all the nutrients that his body needs at the moment.

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