Beertje Bas helps Santa

Beertje Bas lives with his father and mother in the Grote Bos. Beertje Bas experiences recognizable, daily 'adventures' just like you and your toddler. In this third episode, Beertje Bas helps Santa Claus ...

It's snowing. Thick snowflakes whirl past the window. Beertje Bas is nice and warm inside and stares out. Then he gets a good idea: he goes sledding from the high mountain!
Beertje Bas puts on his coat and boots and gets out. Under his feet the fresh snow cracks and everything in the forest is covered under a thick, white layer of powder. He goes on his sleigh; it is a lot of walking through the dark forest. Fortunately, everything is illuminated by the beautiful white snow.
On the way he suddenly sees something red shimmering between the trees. He walks towards it and sees that it is a package.
Beyond, Bas sees something blue shining ... there is a yellow thing and further on, yes there, there is a green package! He looks around but does not see anyone. Bas decides to take the presents home and quickly puts them under his coat ...

Then suddenly he hears someone grumbling with a heavy voice: Well, that is not so nice ... That is not so nice at all! '
Bas is curious and cautiously walks towards the sound. When he sees who it is, he gets a hat: Santa Claus! He takes a step back and a thick branch breaks with a loud handsome under his legs. Santa Claus looks up promptly and calls him: Hey hello, day Beertje Bas. Can you help me? "
Beertje Bas gets a color and begins to giggle nervously. He immediately understands that Santa's gifts are! What should he do now?
'Look,' Santa points out, all my presents have flown away when I landed in this mountain of snow with my sleigh. I miss a few. Have you ever seen colored suits? "

Bas thinks quickly: will he tell the truth or secretly keep the presents for himself? He would like to keep everything but no, then the other children will have nothing tomorrow ... Slowly he gets the parcels from under his coat.
Sorry, Santa. I did not know they were yours, "Bas stutters shyly.
Does not matter. Help but then it is otherwise good. 'Fortunately Santa is not angry and relieved Beertje Bas helps him to put the parcels on the sled again. Too bad ...
Thank you for your help, Bas. Say, do you have any wishes for Christmas? Because honesty is always rewarded. '
Bas gets a color, he stares at his paws and then says shyly: I would like a new police car, with siren. '

Hohoho, "Santa laughs. Well, who knows, Bas ... "Santa gives him a wink and gets on his sleigh. Then he encourages his reindeer to leave.
When Bas comes downstairs the next morning there is a nice, red suit under the Christmas tree. His name is written in ornate letters. Bas opens his gift quickly and a beautiful white police car comes out. The car has blue lights and a loud siren! Thank you, Santa! " laughs Bas happy.
"How good that Santa knew that," Mama says surprised.
"Yes, Mom," says Bas solemnly, because honesty is rewarded! "

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