Inika Organic Make-up

I am not really a 'Girl Girl' but I am always happy with boxes filled with make-up. From boxes filled with the beautiful make-up of Inika Oganic, I am even more happy! This make-up is organic, 100% natural and 100% vegan, halal & cruelty free. I am therefore not the only woman who will be happy about this!

Frankly, I did not know the make-up of Inika yet, while they have been around for years. From 2006 to be precise. A brand with a mission, because they are pioneers in bringing organic make-up to the market. They understand what women want. Nothing chemical mess, but pure, healthy ingredients. After all, our skin is our largest organ, you should be a bit economical about it.
The message may be clear, the promise of Inika is simple. The entire range of Inika is healthy and safe. Beautiful is healthy!

Three products

In the box that I received, I find three products:

Inika Loose mineral blush (Red Apple)
Inika Organic cream illuminisor (gold)
Inike Mascara Long Lash

All products that I use every day. A blush, a highligher and a mascara. When I look in the boxes, I see beautiful colors. Colors that let you shine the sun on your skin.

Inike Mascara Long Lash

What a beautiful combination of the matt black with the golden letters. That makes it very chic. But no matter how beautiful the exterior is, it is of course the inside.
The brush of this mascara ensures that you can nicely distribute the mascara over the eyelashes without any lumps. That works fine. The mascara can be distributed well over the eyelashes.
Price: 27.00 euros.

Inika Organic cream illuminisor (gold)

The highlighter is not to be out of your basic beauty supplies anyway. It is the finishing touch to let you shine, the icing on the cake. This highligher is beautiful and also subtle. In the places you want to shine, you conjure a beautiful golden glow with this product.
Price: 26.00 euros.

Inika Loose mineral blush (Red Apple)

Last but not least this beautiful blusher of loose powder, to bring back some Color in the face. But then subtly. Even though the blush is called 'Red apple', we do not want to create red apple cheeks with it. At most a subtle touch. As if the apple kissed the cheeks for a moment.
The color is so subtle that you can use it very lightly as a bronzer, to create some subtle shadow effects in the face.
The box is very handy. By means of a rotating movement you can shake and use some loose powder from the box. Then you close the box again so that no powder is lost.
Price: 24.00 euros.

Philosophy of Inika

The philosophy of Inika is that they only want to create the most beautiful, healthy, high end make-up products for a natural look. Beauty comes from health, according to Inika. And we can only say 'Amen' to that!

Video: 100% Cruelty Free, Vegan, Organic Makeup Tutorial

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