New facial peeling from Payot

The heating inside and the cold outside, make a decent attack on your skin. That is why your skin can use some extra attention in the winter. This can be done by nourishing your skin with greasy creams and face masks on the one hand, but to ensure that the skin can benefit from these nourishing substances as well as possible, occasional peeling is not a luxury.

A peeling helps us get rid of our dead skin cells. Important, because if this layer stays on, it can, for example, clog your pores and a gray haze will appear over your skin. Of course no one is waiting for that.

New products

Everyone wants to stay as radiant as possible, even in the winter. So beauty companies continue to search for the most ideal products. Payot is now coming up with two new peels.

Gommage douceur framboise

A decent mouthful, but this is a gel-in-oil peel with real raspberry, cranberry and blackberry kernels. Due to the presence of these seeds, this peeling falls under the 'mechanical peeling'. You rub (gently!) The dead skin cells of your skin so that they can no longer choke your skin. When rinsing with water creates a creamy milk that makes the skin soft and radiant.

How do you use it?

This peeling has a lovely floral scent and if you work cautiously, you can use it one to a maximum of twice a week. Avoid applying delicate skin around the eyes when applying. Gently massage the peeling over the skin so that the texture changes into an oil. Then moisten your hands (water) and rub your face with wet hands again. After this you can rinse your face again.

Recommended retail price: 32 euros (50ml)

Peeling Oxygenant dépolluant

Again a whole mouth full but this is a peeling with an oozing, cleansing effect. Well suited if your skin has turned out to look grayer because the dead skin cells stifle your skin.
You will see that your skin looks radiant and fresher after use of this peeling. The peel contains a cocktail of fruit acids from blueberry, orange and lemon. So delicious!

How do you use it?

This peeling is suitable for all skin types, especially for the coarse skin structure. This is a chemical peel, so without granules. The peeling has a wonderful fresh, fruity scent and when you apply it to your skin it foams up. This is due to the presence of organic fluorine. This substance improves the oxygen supply of the tissue and activates the microcirculation. However, the foam disappears again, leaving a small transparent layer.

You can use this peeling at most once a week. Make your skin a little damp and apply a thin layer. Avoid the fragile skin around the eyes. Allow the peeling to work for 3 to 5 minutes and if the foam on your face has disappeared, rinse your face with plenty of water.

Recommended retail price: 35.00 euro (40ml)

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