Breastfeeding for the first time

You will discover that your child will look for the nipple during the first hour after birth. You do not have to do much for that, because the taste and the smell show him the way. How this comes? This is because your nipple is covered with an oily layer. And this layer has a scent that is recognized by your child. He will want to crawl himself to this scent.

Nice with you

If there are no medical reasons not to do it, then your child will be nicely placed with you after birth. Preferably skin-to-skin. Then it is really only wait and see until your baby will join. It is only a matter of patience now. Those first sips, this intimate gathering, is such a special moment. Your child will discover his or her own way to your chest and how he can best reach for your nipple.

Is not he going to eat?

Of course, one baby drinks faster than the other. Give him a little time for this, but if he still has not made it after a few hours, you can of course help him. Press a few drops of colostrum on a spoon and give this to your child.


You can also start with pumping. You do this manually in the first 24 to 48 hours. Once the colostrum has changed into mature milk, you can use the hand or electric flask. You can give the expressed milk to your child. Consult these steps with a lactation consultant. She teaches you to feed your baby in the right way.

Skin-to-skin contact

Take your child with you as often and as often as possible. Leave it on your bare skin, close to your chest. This encourages him to start drinking. This form of contact is a good incentive for breastfeeding.

Nipple hat

Does not it all want to run smoothly? Then contact your lactation consultant. She can give you several tips to start breastfeeding. Do not use a nipple shield. If you start using it incorrectly, it can disrupt your milk production. After using a nipple hat, it is also difficult to let your child drink without a hat.

Clean nipples

Before you breastfeed, you do not have to wash your nipples. You would only wash away the protective oils from the nipple. Your body takes care of everything, also for that. Nice and easy.

How should your baby eat?

If your child is well with you, he has the whole nipple and a large part of the areola in his mouth. It is important that your child makes a big bite. Sometimes this happens automatically, but sometimes it needs some attention. If your child is well and has had a good meal, you can hear him drink and swallow. If he has been good, it should not hurt you either.

Tip for a good mouthful

Make sure the nostril of your child points to the nipple before it starts to bite. Teach your child that he opens his mouth very wide. Put it with you when you are ready for it. If your child has to wait too long, because you still have to do everything, it only gives frustrations to your child and this may be a reason to start snapping.

Enjoy these beautiful moments!

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