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Undesirable you sometimes have to deal with legal issues in your life. Personally, I find that rather difficult and stressful, but once you get involved, you can not run away from it. Better is to prepare as well as possible.


The first time I came into contact with a legal issue, I was married for 23 years and just a few months. I wanted to divorce. Actually, I should never have married, but everyone was so enthusiastic about our wedding that I did not dare to say before the wedding that I did not want it anymore. So it was married, there was a wonderful honeymoon and after a few months I still cut the knot and asked for a divorce. I had an understanding husband, so that everything went in good harmony. Our divorce went so harmoniously that, after obtaining legal advice, we decided that one lawyer was more than enough for both of us. The divorce was calm and friendly. After the divorce, we have been together as friends for a while. Until he met his current wife, I took a step back discreetly. Sometimes we talk to each other sometimes. The funny thing is that his current wife is a colleague of my current partner. Sometimes the world is not that big.

Work conflict

The second time I had to deal with a legal issue was not even that much later. I worked as an executive secretary at an IT company. My divorce turned out to be pretty much a license for a number of male colleagues to approach me sexually - although intimidating is actually a better word. In any case, it was not a pleasant way. I could write several # -oooo experiences about it, which I will not do anyway, because I like to let the past rest. However, the situation became untenable. The general manager offered me a more than good job, but I wanted to leave. I did not want to stay with an organization where such a depraved climate prevailed. It has never really become a labor dispute, because they have given all the cooperation to let me go, but I did need some legal support, for example in the settlement of the (financial) compensation.

Multiple conflicts

In the course of my life I have had multiple legal conflicts. I have never avoided them, have always prepared me as well as possible and that is why I can now look back on those moments with a smile. Precisely because I had prepared well, the moments were reasonably smooth and positive. That could also have been very different.
Of course nobody is waiting for legal conflicts. Me neither. But if you run into it, make sure you are prepared as well as possible. Collect information, ensure good written reporting, gather evidence and be especially well informed by people who understand it. Often the whole issue is annoying enough, at least do not make yourself more difficult.

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