BABY born Play & Fun Barbeque set

Children like to follow us, so if we enjoy a juicy satay from the BBQ in the spring or summer, your daughter wants to help you with this. After all, barbecuing is not reserved for tough men! Little ladies like it just as well.

The real BBQ is of course a tad dangerous, this is after all pretty hot, but the little girl can of course prepare delicious sausages and fish on her own BBQ. For example with this BABY BBQ born. How cute is this set! And then that sweet matching dress! Everyone will be happy about it in the summer!

What do you find in the box?

In the box you will find the following parts: pink dress for the Baby Born doll, a yellow BBQ (with sizzling sounds and light effects, batteries are not included, so take care of yourself), three sausages, 2 corncobs, a fish, 2 plates , 2 bottles of soda with a straw and a peg to turn the meat around. So you are completely complete, just start the BBQ party!
When you put the sausages on the grill, the charcoals start to glow and you hear the roasting and hissing of the BBQ. At least, if you have not forgotten to put the batteries in the BBQ, otherwise you will not hear anything.

Pay attention: The description on (for example) states that there must also be forks in the box. However, this is not the case. But there are straws, for the soda and the straws are not mentioned again. Apparently something has changed in the composition.

Play it!

Summer, sun, barbecuing ... if BABY born has played in the garden all day, it is logical to eat outside. The sausages, fish and corn on the apple-shaped grill taste great. When you put barbecue food on the grill, the coals start to glow and you hear barbecue sounds. When the food is ready, grab it with the tongs of the barbecue and serve it on two plates. There is also cherry and orange lemonade to drink. Oh, the children of the neighbors also want to have a bite to eat with, so BABY born® quickly attracts another outfit. She has become a little dirty from playing in the sandbox. The cute pink dress is perfect for cozy barbecue evenings.

Specifications Baby Born Play & Fun Barbeque set

TitleBaby Born Play & Fun Barbeque set
BrandZapf Creation
price29.99 euros

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