Baby sizes - What size does my baby have?

You want to go shopping for the baby in your stomach, or maybe you want to buy a nice outfit for your best friend who is about to give birth, but what kind of size does a baby actually have? Of course, all children are different and one baby is larger than the other, but we have compiled a clear size table here, with average sizes. As a small hold in the enormous range of super cute children's clothing.

When purchasing, keep in mind that cotton clothing may shrink in the laundry. Especially when you use a dryer. Also make sure that the clothes are not too tight around your child. This is not pleasant for him. It is better when the clothes are a bit on the large side. The extra advantage is that he can also do something longer.

Baby clothes

The baby sizes are based on the height of a baby in centimeters. If you assume that an average baby is about 50 centimeters long, at birth, you can assume that clothing size 50 will fit perfectly. Is he a little longer or heavier (than 3500 grams), you better start with size 56.
Buy pants for your baby with an adjustable waist, that way you can make it suitable for your child.

Baby mats hat

Also in the sizes of the hats it works this way. The sizes are the same as the head circumference of your baby. In some cases, there is an age in a cap, for example 3 - 6 months. If that is not the case, then the size is equal to the head circumference.

Baby socks shoes

With the shoe sizes the weather is a bit different. Do you want to know the right size shoes? Then draw the circumference of your baby's feet on a sheet of paper. With the furthest distance (probably big toe, heel) and add a half to a whole centimeter here. In the table below you can search for the corresponding size for that result. Is this distance for example 10 cm, you add 0.5 / 1 cm and you see that the corresponding size is: 18.

Premature sizes

Is your child born earlier than about 36 weeks, then there is a premature. Also for premature children, clothes are for sale. The children are often smaller and the regular baby clothes are too big. The table below shows the sizes for premature babies.

What size do you give as a gift?

The newborn baby will on average be able to wear a size 50, but most children are already ready for a larger size within 1 or 2 months. Usually new parents will get clothes (and have bought themselves) in size 50 and 56. It is therefore better to buy something in the sizes that follow, for example size 62.

Where is cute baby clothing for sale?

There are lots of nice baby clothes shops to find. Of course just in your neighborhood, such as Prematal, but also online there is a lot of offer. Take, for example, the shops as: Noppies, and Baby Kids Kids Clothing. There you will undoubtedly find a perfect outfit!

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