What is the National Vaccination Program (RVP)

The National Immunization Program (RVP) consists of a number of vaccinations. These vaccinations protect children from the following dangerous infectious diseases:
diphtheria; whooping cough; tetanus; Poliomyelitis; diseases caused by haemophilus influenzae type b (hib-diseases), such as meningitis, blood poisoning and throat valve inflammation; mumps; the measles; rubella; meningococci C; pneumococci; hepatitis B (if the child belongs to a high-risk group).

National vaccination program is not mandatory

Parents are not obliged to have their child vaccinated. Almost all parents have their child vaccinated.

Time of the vaccinations

When your child is vaccinated, depends on many factors. Such as the age at which a disease poses a major risk, the availability of vaccines, and the organization and financing of health care. Most vaccinations are given from birth to the 15th month. But your child can also receive a call at a later age. Several vaccinations are needed for some diseases.

Cost of vaccinations from the RVP

Parents do not pay a contribution for the vaccinations. The RVP is paid from the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ).

Who does what?

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is responsible for the implementation and safety of the RVP. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) determines which vaccines are included in the RVP. The Netherlands Vaccine Institute (NVI) supplies all vaccines. The vaccinations are given at the clinic or by a doctor.

National vaccination program

Vaccinations are of great importance to your child. Not all childhood diseases are all equally serious, but if no vaccinations were given, infant mortality would undoubtedly be a lot higher.
The vaccinations are kept on a vaccination card and centrally registered in The Hague. The calls are based on data in the population register. The vaccinations are done on a voluntary basis.

8 weeksDaKTP 1 and Hib 1
Hepatitis B *
3 monthsDaKTP 2 and Hib 2
4 monthsDaKTP 3 e Hib 3
Hepatitis B *
11 monthsDaKTP 4 and Hib 4
Hepatitis B *
14 monthsBMR 1
Men C
4 yearsDTP 5
9 yearsDTP 6 and BMR 2

* Only for babies whose at least one parent comes from a country where hepatitis B is common and for babies whose mothers carry the hepatitis B virus.

KWhooping cough
PPolio or child paralysis
HibHaemophilus Influenzae B
MThe measles
RRed dog or Rubella
Men CMiningococci C


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