Flying on a weed burner # blog7

It's time to get rid of the weed garden with my electric weed burner. My newest addition this summer. No hassle with gas canisters and dangerous fire. My main reason to buy it was that I wanted to save myself the search for suitable gas vans. Then they are just sold out again, or it is not yet the season for gas vans. Well, I see that happening again I can search city and country for gas buses. Frustrated the internet spit, to find out that the shipping costs are much more expensive than a drizzly gas can. Then, in the end, just swear it out by hand. That is why this electric layman seemed ideal to me.

Hare broom

The youngest is in conversation with the girl next door from a few houses in our front yard. The girl next door is a couple of years younger than she and she regularly comes by for a chat or a game.
I connect the electric weed burner to the extension cord and while I have the thing in my hands, I realize that it looks like something. Like some electric witches broom, which you can fly on when you turn it on, that it can shoot like a rocket through the force of the heat. So I put my one leg over the weed burner and I call to the children in the front garden: "Look! I am a superhero! "The girl next door looks at me in amazement.

Do it normally!

"When I turn it on, it flies in the air and I can fly through the city over the houses." I look as if I believe it myself.
A smile sprouts on the face of the girl next door and my own daughter also has to laugh happily. Yet she says 'mad': "Mom! Just do it normally! "Meanwhile she laughs and comes running up to me with a judo posture to get me back in the 'course'. A romp party follows.

What is normal?

Normal? What is normal and why should I normally do? That is a thing in the house that we do not agree with. My daughter knows that too. We are ourselves, not normal. Normally does not exist. We do things differently when we feel like it. Not because it has to, but just because it is possible. Just because it's fun to do things differently and because it's funny to be crazy.


As small children, they were often able to laugh at it, but now that puberty is approaching, that is becoming less and they are ashamed of themselves sometimes. Then they suddenly walk out in front of me on the street, or behind me and then I expressly say aloud: "Are you ashamed of me!" Will we then pretend not to belong together ?! We do not belong together. That way everyone knows at least that. "
Occasionally you will see some smiling looks from passersby. It is of course so recognizable. Usually they come back a bit closer. Happy.

So do it? No, at times we just go crazy and I do not see a problem. Except that the extension cord is only 12 meters long. So flying is not there. Then just do what he was made for.

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