Crystal Art Kit - Diamond painting

Have you already become acquainted with 'diamond painting'? I actually did not really have that. Of course I had seen the cards before, but I had not really sat down for it myself. The cards were nominated as Toys of the year 2018, so when I got the chance to take home a set during the ceremony, I gladly did.

What is the purpose?

The intention is simple, it is a kind of colors by number, but with diamonds. With a special pen (which you press beforehand in the wax) you pick up the right diamond and stick it in the right place. Nothing more, nothing less. That seems like a piece of cake and that's it, of course, but that does not mean that it's really fun to do! It looks cheerful with all those colors, it's a nice activity (nice and relaxing) and it can never go wrong. How positive is that! And when you're done, you can also make someone happy with it by sending it in the enclosed envelope.

To enjoy!

I really enjoyed making this card. I even enjoyed it so much that I immediately ordered several new sets. It is a very relaxing activity. Usually I spend hours a day working on new topics, writing texts, arranging actions, you name it. That's why I love to empty my head as much as possible in my spare time by working with my hands. I do not like watching TV, pixels I see enough during the day, so this is actually a super nice activity.


Of course it is nice for children to get started, but these sets are age-old. I'm sure that it can be fun for the over-50s as well. I speak from experience. In fact, I even lit my girlfriend. She saw me doing this and also ordered sets for herself.


The sets are complete and consist of: a pen, a waxtablet, plastic bags, a tray and colored diamonds. The card is pre-printed with special glue and screened with a foil. There are also different designs and sizes. This is of course very nice for the holidays, but there are many more nice themes.

Specifications Crystal Art Kit - Diamond painting

NameCrystal Art Kit - Diamond painting
BrandCrystal Art Kit
price9.99 euros

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