The first time a babysitter in the house, what should I do?

You and your partner are having a good time in a cozy night out with two of you. That is why you went looking for a babysitter and you have found a nice girl who wants to take care of your children in the evening. But you find it quite exciting to leave your children alone with the babysitter for the first time. What do you have to do before the babysitter comes?

The trial day

For your state of mind and for that of the babysitter, it might be a good idea to organize a trial day. On this day you are at home and invite the babysitter. You give her a guided tour and explain where all the important stuff is. You take the time to answer her questions and then let her go to work with the kids. At some point, when you see that everything is going well, you go out of the house for an hour to go shopping or to have a cup of tea with a friend. For example, the babysitter and your children are really geared to each other, but you are still in the neighborhood 'just in case'. After a while you come back and evaluate with the babysitter how it went. Are there some things unclear? Could she find everything? This test day is a great opportunity to get used to each other and the idea. So you and your babysitter are not thrown into the deep.

The notebook

Put a notebook for the babysitter ready with all the important information, such as the telephone numbers of you and your partner, a schedule for your children that states what time they should eat and when they have to go to bed, the medical information and also a user manual about how the equipment works in your home. On this notebook your babysitter can always fall back if she does not know something anymore and she does not have to disturb you undesirably.
Do you also like it when the babysitter keeps track of your child, how long he or she has slept and whether he or she has learned a new word? Leave a few blank pages at the back of the notebook where she can note this. Here you can also write down the important events of the past week so that she can take this into account.

The neighbor

Ask the neighbor, or another person in the neighborhood you trust, to keep an eye on things. Also let the babysitter know that she can go to the neighbors in case of emergency. It is always nice to have someone who can stand by when you are not in the opportunity to take your phone.

The hug

For your little one it can also be difficult for his or her parents to leave just like that and he stays behind with someone he may not know so well. Ensures that the babysitter knows which hug is the favorite of your child. A hug is something recognizable and smells familiar if he or she is homesick or does not feel so well.

Trust your feelings

Trust that you have accepted the right babysitter and that everything is going well. You can ask the babysitter to occasionally send a photo so you can keep an eye on it. Hold an evaluation interview with your babysitter once a month to ensure that you stay on par with the education of your little one.

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