Candy Crush - The board game

Who does not have this game on his smartphone or tablet? There are millions around the world. The game lends itself mainly to playing 'just in between'. In many waiting rooms I see people wiping away like a silly candy.

Originally only on Facebook

The game has been around since April 2012 and originally it could only be played on Facebook. About six months later in November 2012, Candy Crush Saga was also available for smartphones and tablets. Millions of people now play this game and are busy with the sweets every day. In addition to Candy Crush Saga, there are now several variants: Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and the Candy Crush Friends Saga. My favorite game is the Jelly Saga.

Fat fat hit

That Candy Crush is such a big fat hit, is evident from the enormous amount of merchandise that is for sale. Like this backpack, duvet cover, school pouch or, OMG this costume (you really do not want to be found dead). But of course it says something about popularity. Also in this family it is played by 2 of the 4 smartphone holders. The game was downloaded more than 10 million times in December 2012 alone. On Facebook it is the most popular app with more than 74 million likes.

Candy Crush - The board game

At Candy Crush - The board game you do not move sweets of pixels but they are replaced for sweets from cardboard. However, there is still a big difference: you can now just play it at the table with others. That is of course a lot nicer than staring at a screen. Honest is fair. The intention is to collect as many sweets as possible and to be the first to pick the cherry. However, if you have 3 identical candies in a row, your plan will fall apart. Do you choose your own route? Or are you going to thwart the other party? You determine the strategy!

The one who picks the cherry first has won the game.

Practical information

You can play the game with 2 to 6 players and one game round takes about 30 minutes. The game is suitable for children from 8 years. Before you can start the game you have to push all the sweets out of the cardboard.
Funny that this board game (about) lasts just as long as the arrival of a new life in the pixel game.

Specifications Candy Crush - The board game

NameCandy Crush - The board game
BrandJust Games
price23.95 euros

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