A photo every day

With our smartphone in hand, which is our digital camera right away, we shoot a lot of pictures so unnoticed. From ourselves, from each other, what we eat or from the environment. Instagram is full of it. In this way, everyone is a photographer in the cap. Although of course the one has a little more feeling for it than the other. Fortunately, the sharpness of the photo usually does not have to be such a problem with all those digital gadgets.
You do not even have to look more like Easter to appear in the picture! Did you know that there are even apps that give your face a make-up, if you want to take a picture with makeup yourself. It does not have to be crazier. A filter can now be found for everything.

Fun and challenging

This book inspires us to take more pictures, but without the help of apps, filters or other deceptions. View the world through your lens and go on the road. This book contains no less than 366 assignments for a year full of photography. Photos of subjects you probably never thought about after thinking about it. Completely different photos than the snapshots and the selfies that our cloud is full of. And that's nice. Fun and challenging.

What do you have to think about?

I hear you think that question, so I mention some examples, so you get an idea: Spicy (go looking for a herb garden, a field with wild herbs or a market stall with fresh herbs), Jumping (Let people jump in the air and photograph them), Bollenveld (Brilliant spectacle of bright colors). These are just three examples and there are still 363 examples in this book. There are four topics on each page and there is space to stick four photos. If you do this for a year, you should imagine what a beautiful collection of photos that must have become!

And of course you do not have to do it in sequence. It is best to crisscross the book and shoot as it suits you. In any case, it becomes a challenge to completely fill this book! Challenging but fun!

Specifications A photo every day

TitleA photo every day
PublishingPublishing BBNC
AuthorNicole Neven
Number of pages368
price12.50 euros
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