Gel-a-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit

Wow! This is not just a Gel-a-Peel kit, this is a MEGA Gel-a-Peel kit with all the colors of the rainbow! With this kit you can fully indulge yourself as a creative designer or designer. Of course you can use the MEGA quantity of examples that are included, but of course you can also go completely with your own designs! How cool is that!

Not new

Gel-a-Peel is not new, this way of making jewelry has been around for a while and is still enthusiastically embraced by the small designers. Of this more than extensive kit, you can of course have a really long time of fun! Here you can not make one bracelet, but a whole jewelery box for yourself and probably for your mother, your aunt and the neighbor.

Not difficult

Actually, it is not that difficult to make. You can follow the patterns, but you can also make your own patterns. Maybe that's much more fun! Then it is a matter of letting it dry. Then do not be foolish to put the manual on top of the drying gel. Because that is really very, very, heeeeeeeeeeeel stupid. I did that. If I had just made a beautiful pattern with my tongue out of my mouth, I would just put my head on top of it. Well. If you have something ready, it is better to put it somewhere where it can dry.

Super fat colors

The colors in this package are really nice. In fact, you prefer to use them all at once. There are also in the box earcups, so you can make nice earrings. You will find in the box next to the 10 tubes of gel (in flashy colors) also many examples that you can use, from bracelets and earrings.

What is the purpose?

You place the transparent plate on top of a design and draw it over with the gel markers. That is actually the basis. Of course you can also make your own design, with your own color fantasy. There are also 12 caps in the box that you can put on the gel pens. The holes of the caps have different dimensions.

A beautiful complete set with which a lot of jewelry can be made!

Specifications Gel-a-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit

TitleGel-a-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit
PublishingMGA Entertainment
price33.99 euros

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