Regenerist 3-Zone from Olaz

Everyone wants to look radiant. As long as you are young, you often do not have to put that much effort into it. However, if you get older, you can use some help with that. Olaz now comes with the 'Regenerist-3 Zone-line'. This line consists of three products:

  • Firming day cream
  • Firming serum
  • Aging night cream
  • As a loyal user of the Olaz products, I am genuinely happy with this new line. It all sounds promising, so I'm going to discover it. It will not be the appearance, because this new line also looks well-groomed and elegant. And with my mature (this sounds a lot more positive than 'older') skin, that little extra help from a jar is more than welcome.

    Beautiful appearance

    Both the packaging and the jars have a beautiful, elegant appearance. The combination of red and silver is very nice to see. Both the creams and the serum smear nice but also smell delicious. The day and night cream are for daily use. You do not have to use the serum every day. You can also choose to use it once every two or three days, so that you can spend a little longer.

    Olaz Regenerist 3-Zone firming serum

    This serum is applied to the clean skin and thus before the day cream. The serum is concentrated and designed to work quickly. It hydrates and smoothes the skin.

    Selling advice price: 50 ml - 34.99 euro - price - 19.95 euro

    Olaz Regenerist 3-Zone day cream

    This day cream can be applied to the face, jawline and neck. He quickly pulls in the skin so you do not have to wait long before applying the make-up. The cream has a pleasant smell and moisturizes the skin.

    Price: 50 ml - 34.99 euro price - 23.09 euros

    Olaz Regenerist 3-Zone night cream

    A good night cream is important. In the night the skin gets the time to recover. A nourishing night cream is therefore very important. If you - before bedtime - take care of your cleaned skin with a good night cream, your skin will look radiant again in the morning. This night cream contains a mild exfoliant that renews your skin night after night while you sleep.

    Price: 50 ml - 34.99 euro - price - 23.09 euro

    Carob tree

    Carob tree extract in Regenerist 3-Zone is golden discovery Research has shown that the active substances in creams are sometimes not well absorbed by the skin. Then you can still lubricate so well, it just does not help. A golden find is the addition of carob tree extract.
    The renewed Regenerist 3-Zone line from Olaz contains this extract that stimulates the energy management in your skin cells. With which, irrespective of your age, the active substances in Regenerist 3-Zone products can be better absorbed and the skin restored.


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