Lost Sphear for the Nintendo Switch

In this house there is a lot of gaming. Not only by my son, but also by his stepfather and sometimes by me. When I read the pre-announcement of 'Lost Sphear' I immediately suspect that I am going to make both men happy with this. They love these kinds of games and now that they have both played The Legend of Zelda (including the expansion pack), it is of course time for something new!

Dangerous journey

In Lost Sphear you go on a dangerous journey to unravel the mysterious events behind the disappearance of an entire city. You crawl into the skin of the young man Kanata. A boy whose path is shaped by destiny. When he wakes up from an exciting dream, he finds out that reality itself is threatened by strange and ominous forces.


He needs to work with others to bring this exciting mission to a successful conclusion. People and villages disappear and turn into a white fog. It's up to you to restore this. And to be able to do this you have to collect memories. For this you have to visit villages, meet people and above all defeat difficult bosses.
Outside the fighting you have opportunities to buy or make stronger weapons. You need this to be able to beat the bosses.

I am Setsuna

Lost Sphear is the second title of I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory and builds on the acclaimed debut of the studio, with improved turn-based battles for more strategic movements during battle and seamless gameplay transitions.

Birthday present

My son's birthday is next Sunday. He will then be 14 years old. I had (of course) already bought a gift for him, but I'm also going to put a nice piece of paper around this game, because I'm sure he will be very happy with it. Especially now that he has played the Zelda expansion pack in a few days. With this game he takes on a new challenge. I also by the way, because I have to see that in addition to gaming, he also spends time on his homework and I fear that when Rocco is in bed, I also lose my partner in the evening ...

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Specifications Lost Sphear

TitleLost Sphear
Game consoleNintendo Switch
price49.99 euros
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