Smooshy Mushy Squishy in bottle

The squishyhype is far from over. We recently discussed the Bubbleezz, squishy's filled with orbi's and today we're going to work with the Smooshy Mushy. Only that name is really so sweet !! There is simply the promise that there is no other way than that the content will be super nice. Hugely sweet. Lovingly sweet. Oh no, that is not possible. You can not eat them!

Cute Smooshy Mushy

There is an adorable Smooshy Mushy in every surprise bottle. Each bottle has its own theme, such as a milkshake, chocolate milk or a syrup bottle. Even the bottles look very cute and cute. In the bottle is a smoky smooshy hug with a surprising 'bestie' mini smooshy. There is a scent of all smooshy's, including the mini smooshy. The soft polyurethane foam (difficult word, even if forgotten) ensures that they can always be smooched.

What's in our cups?

And now get started. Because which cute Smooshy Mushies are hidden in our cups? We have three! A milkshake cup, a milk cup and a chocolate milk. Exciting!! Smooshy Mushy is suitable for children from 7 years. If you order them online, you do not know in advance which cup will be sent. So you can not choose one. That means that you can get a double. You can (hopefully) swap that with a double of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Price / quality, what do we think of that?

It all looks super cute and you also see that a lot of attention has been given to the products. However, it is pretty pricey. In the end you pay almost 10 euros for a very small squishy. That is relatively a lot of money, of course. I admit, it is really very cute wrapped in that cup and you can of course just keep that cup, but yes, that cup is really just the packaging. In the end it's about the smooshy and then 10 euros for a small squishy is a lot of money. However, they are very cute and really feel great! Whether you are talking about it? You decide that in the end yourself! Their cuteness in any case of the photos!

Specifications Smooshy Mushy Squishy in bottle

TitleSmooshy Mushy Squishy in bottle
Brand BOT-I
price9.99 euros

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