Where is LAMA?

With the word 'search book' you probably think of a book for children. That is not surprising, because most search books are indeed for the smallest. For children who can not or can hardly read. However, this LAMA book is totally not interesting for small children because it will only frustrate them. This search book is for adults (or older children). The llamas are in fact well hidden! It is quite a challenge to find all 10 llamas on the search plates. I'm already happy when I see two, let alone the rest. Nice job, just take it from me.

Crazy about llamas

The book is written with a hint of humor, according to the Lama's people are crazy about Llamas. I did not know that myself, but if the Lama's say this, it must be like that. Yet? Anyway, Beatrice, the leader of the group, has planned a great adventure that will lead the flock to all kinds of exciting places. She takes you from the sunny beaches in Miami to the old temple in Cambodia. And in that enormous chaos of people, objects and bizarre sights, you have to look for those lamas. Ten on every page. Nice. Challenging. But certainly not easy.

Getting chicken

Turen until you get chicken, because it is a pretty tough job. Spicy but fun, because the illustrations are so funny that it really does not matter to view the album 5, 10 or 100 times until you have found all of them. You always discover new funny things. The gazing is certainly not boring, but I would advise you not to finish the book in one evening. You will not succeed either.

If the book really frustrates you because you can not find that one lama, then I can reassure you, because in the back of the book you will find the answers. With the answers, you also find new searches ... You want to start so you do not fall from the rain in this way.

Specifications Where is LAMA?

TitleWhere is LAMA?
AuthorFrances Evans
IllustratorPaul Moran
Number of pages48
price12.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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