Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers

As an adult you can hardly imagine how many stimuli and impressions a toddler gets to deal with in a day. It is quite a lot and if he can not handle it properly, this can lead to concentral problems, sleep disorders, aggressive behavior and even to anger.

It is important for your toddler that he gets the chance overload to lose stimuli through a good relaxation. You do not do this, for example, with the TV, because then there are many more incentives. In addition, watching TV is also very passive. Yoga is a good option to get rid of the excess of stimuli. Yoga is not only very good to let him relax, it is also great fun. He gets more self-confidence and becomes familiar with his inner world. That looks like a win / win situation.

Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers

In Yoga for toddlers and toddlers Marjolein Smit presents material with which you can do yoga in a playful and at the same time responsible way with children from the toddler age: soothing and energizing yoga exercises, breathing exercises and exercises to stimulate the senses. The book contains more than 100 exercises and games. This is not the first time that we see the book pass by. Years ago (when our site had another name) we have already paid attention to the book. However, the topic remains up to date. At the time the second edition was discussed, now we have the sixth edition. Of course that says something.

No experience needed

The book Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers uses existing songs and games. Therefore, yoga with your toddler is suitable for everyone, whether or not you have experience with yoga. It is not about being able to do it, it is about pleasure and experience. It does not matter if you have no experience with yoga!

Specifications - Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers

TitleYoga for toddlers and preschoolers
PublishingGottmer Uitgeverij
AuthorMarjolein Smit
Number of pages112
price15.99 euros

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