The story of Malou: Teenage mother of sixteen

Teenage mother Malou was just sixteen years old when she gave birth to her daughter, she lives with her mother and daughter and two brothers in Almere.
About the discovery of pregnancy she says:

Afraid of the reaction

"I was shocked. I knew one girl who had a child while she was still at school. I do not know exactly where things went wrong, still not. I probably did not pay attention, actually I was too young to assume the responsibility of a sex life. Let alone that of a pregnancy. That is why I have not said anything to my mother for a long time. Afraid of her reaction, afraid of the reactions I had seen on that other girl. Before my mother found out, it was already too late for an abortion. "

Malou's mother tries to support her daughter as well as she can but she also has younger children. A problem has also arisen in their relationship because Malou has long hidden her pregnancy for her mother.

Stupid to be silent

"I was afraid of her reaction and the reaction of other people. Stupid because now that I am two years on, I know it was wrong. Wrong to say nothing to my mother because it is about so much responsibility. For myself and for my daughter but also for my mother. I thought about it quite simply, my girlfriends then too. They would help me. They really tried that but it was not possible. They did not understand how it was to always take care of the baby. Logical but then for me a huge setback. '

Malou went to school the first time after the birth, her daughter went to a nursery.

School did not go well

"Unfortunately, things did not go well at school. I could not continue. Especially since those were the only moments that I was without my daughter. I could only go during school time and stand where I wanted and I used it. Of course that did not go well at all. Nowadays I work at a supermarket in the evenings. My mother is at home with my daughter. I am enjoying myself with my colleagues. But it is not as I would like it. I hope to be able to learn something again later, although I have no training at all. During the day I often sit alone at home with my daughter. That will be different when she goes to school and I hope that I can continue. I really do not mind the rest of my life doing such work. "

Malou sighs once while she tells this and then smiles.


'It sounds very sad but it is not that bad. I am now mature enough to see what I should do differently from now on and should have done differently. Now it's through and I think I'll succeed. My daughter is a treasure and for her alone I have to do it all differently. To set a good example. And living a good life together. "

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