Are you crazy about cocktails? I do. Unfortunately, I am allergic to wine, but I do not say no to a cocktail. Delicious such a Tequila Sunrise, Mojito, Pina Colada or Cuba Libre. Only if you have to drive or during your pregnancy, it will stop naturally. Although ... of these Mocktails you can drink a lot! They are not only super tasty, there is also no alcohol in it! And that has many advantages! Without it is new with!

What is a Mocktail?

A mocktail is an alcohol-free cocktail. It is prepared from soft drinks, fruit juices, fruit, syrups and other non-alcoholic ingredients. The term mocktail comes from English, from 'to mock' (to fool) and 'cocktail'.

The cocktail has a strong place in the drinking culture. Cocktails are always prepared with alcohol. If you did not drink that - for whatever reason - you could only drink soft drinks, mineral water or a juice. The mocktail arose from the need among these people for visually and aesthetically appealing drinks. Nevertheless, mixing non-alcoholic ingredients is much older. The Bloody Mary, for example, used to be an alcohol-free variant than that with vodka.

Flavor explosion

The alcohol-free cocktails in this booklet all cause a taste explosion in your mouth. They are often made with syrup, fresh fruit, fresh herbs or spices. Delicious mixes, sometimes mild, sometimes provocative but always sensational and stylish. Surprise yourself or your visit with these drinks.


In addition to delicious recipes, you will also find many tips in this booklet about making delicious drinks. From the glassware to the garnish, so that your cocktails will look great too. Have you been hungry? That will be nice! Because we can share two recipes with you here.

2 Recipes

Because it is always difficult to describe how something tastes, I may share with you two recipes from this book:

I would say: Cheers!

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AuthorStefan Adrian, Anna Rebecca Wiedermann
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