LOL. Surprise Pearl Surprise

There is again a new LOL surprise! This time we dive into the wonderful world of colorful fish and beautiful mermaids. How fairy-like do you want it! In this large, sea green LOL Surprise pearl, is a rare doll with accessories. The circulation is limited, so if you want to have one, you have to be quick!


This exclusive sea pearl is, of course, a bit pricey. Three times as much as the normal balls, but ... There are some extra parts in this ball, the unboxing is spectacular and with the box you can do natural fun things. You can use it as a storage box for different dolls, or as a lunch box for luncheon ham, or for your lego cubes, or barbies stuff or ... Well make it up. It is just a very nice, handy box.


I had deliberately not looked in advance at the unboxing films of others, so I was completely surprised by this LOL Surprise ball. After all, it is not called 'Surprise' for nothing. And it became a surprise! Are you watching?

And what did I think of it?

Unpacking was another party. This ball works just a bit different than all the other balls and actually not again. The surprises are still there, in fact, there are many more in this ball. There is not one complete doll in it, but there is a doll, two outfits, two pairs of shoes, a drinking cup and a little sister. That is a lot of unpacking!

Large sparkling shell

Making the beautiful large shell sparkle is of course spectacular. And what will it take for a long time! It was a bit of a shame that I did not have a nice scent of this scallop, because otherwise I would certainly have let him roar while I was having a bath. That does not invite now and I honestly do not know if it is suitable for your skin or that it is really only meant to be bubbling in a bowl of water.

The dolls are again the most cute and fun to see how their tattoos appear when you immerse her in the cold water.

Specifications L.O.L. Surprise Pearl Surprise - Style 1

TitleLOL. Surprise Pearl Surprise - Style 1
BrandMGA Entertainment
price34.99 euros

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