Tweet Beats basic set

Every little bird sings as it is bled, but these Tweet Beats sing very cool! And are not you so musical? Gives nothing, because you too can make great music with these cute little birds! Every bird has its own style and sound and together they form a joyful orchestra. It is intended that no less than 20 different Tweet Beats will be for sale and they can all be combined with each other. So that's a good amount of combinations ...! The first four are in this basic set.

What's in the box?

In the box I find four birds and a tree to use the birds. Every bird has its own sound but also has a completely individual face. Every branch on the tree also has its own sound. There is a 'bass branch', a 'singing branch', a 'melody branch' and a 'drums branch'. Depending on where you put the bird, he makes noise. So every bird can make four different sounds. With the basic set, there are just 64 different options! And then you can also buy more birds ...

Tweet beats

In the basic set are the Two Beats: Beach Ball Bobbie, Jenny, Binky and MC Jay. But there are also many more Tweet Beats available. This year it is still possible to expand your birds with: C.H.I.P. Diva, Pingy and Beaty. With these birds you suddenly do not have more options. By combining all the birds with each other on the different branches, you can always create a new symphony. And just sing those birds ...!

Fun for everyone

Tweet Beats are great fun for children from 5 years old, to introduce them to music in a fun way, without any kind of fear of failure. You can never do something wrong. It does not matter if a child is virtuosic or can sing spontaneously, the Tweet beats are fun for everyone. In this way, children learn that making music is fun and that is of course also! And with the Tweet Beats nothing can go wrong! Children only need to combine endlessly to come to a symphony that they like best. How fat is that!

The batteries needed for the birds to sing are unfortunately not supplied.

Specifications Tweet Beats basic set

TitleTweet Beats basic set
PublishingIdentity Games
price39.99 euros

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