Baby doll Baby Alive - Pee and Dance baby

During the judging for the Toys of the Year election I have already met this peeing baby and of course the doll is not nominated. It is a very nice doll. Recently during the press day of Hasbro, I met her again, while she was surrounded by affectionate little girl's hands. She captured the hearts of the doll's mothers one by one. Not surprising, because she looks super cute and if she says to you softly that she has to pee, believe me, you melt.

What's in the box?

In the box you will of course find the beautiful doll, but there is more. She comes standard with a jar, a drinking bottle, a comb, a soap dispenser, an underpants and a reward calendar with stickers! As a doll mother you can start immediately with the potty training! And is she doing well? Then you can reward her with a sticker on her reward calendar.

What is the purpose?

You can give the doll a drink if she is thirsty and then of course it is high time for the pee. Hold the baby's hands and she does a pot dance. She then sings and says 'pi-pi!'. How cute is that! After peeing, you must of course hand-wash hands, just like your toddler has to do after his pee himself. Nice that this has been thought about and that the soap pump is included. In this way children who do not forget themselves also learn. The reward system is of course also super fat and makes the experience completely real.

Potty training

Because the doll is so complete, it is very good to use during the potty training. After all, with the doll, exactly the same steps can be taken, as your toddler also has to do.
The doll can almost anything that has to do with peeing on a jar: drinking from a bottle, indicating that she has to pee, pee (only) on the jar (with pee) to wash hands and ask for a (reward sticker). Furthermore, the doll can also perform a kind of dance, but you have to hold her well. The doll stimulates imagination, social skills / interaction and possibly a bit of self-reliance. Definitely a beautiful baby doll for the real doll mother.

Specifications Baby Alive - Pee and Dance baby

NameBaby Alive - Pee and Dance baby
price62.95 euros

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