Popin 'Cookin' Nakayoshi Neruneru Cola & Melonsoda

It's been a while since we treated the last DIY candy kit Popin 'cookin', but today we're going to work with one again. This time too, the package does not look very complicated. I bought it online for 4.50 euros. That is of course quite a lot of money for 'a candy' but if you then have a lot of 'making fun' of it, it is somewhat in proportion. Again I am very curious this time.

Today I chose the Nakayoshi Neruneru Cola & Melonsoda. That is quite a mouthful of letters and I'm glad that I do not have to make a vlog about it, because I have no idea how I get this combination of letters a bit normal from my mouth. Writing (copy / past) is a lot easier.
The taste of this candy is cola and melonsoda. It seems to me a nice, fresh combination. Perhaps it is good to know that Popin Cookin does not contain preservatives and no artificial colors. But what does it contain?


Sugar, Powdered Candy, Glucose, Starch, Powdered Egg White, Palm Oil, Citric Acid, Modified Starch, Baking Soda, Flavor, Calcium Carbonate, Spirulina Color, Vegetable Color, Contains: Skim Milk.

What is it?

Kracie Popin 'Cooking' comes from Japan and its miniature DIY candy-making sets. The DIY kit is very popular and as I watch the package it has to be a fluffie candy again. I look forward to that, because from the previous times I can remember that it is that fluffie candy that tastes very good.

What's in it?

When I tear open the package, I take out the following parts:
two bags (number 1), two bags (number 2), two small bags (without number), a plastic tray (with 'biodegradable measuring spoons', two plastic spoons.

And then get started!

If we have all the bags and other supplies (bit of water) in front of us, I can not wait to start. So get started! Meanwhile, my son has joined, because he too is eager to taste a bite.

What do I think?

The package is very nice to make. It is bizarre to see how the candy has not only changed color but also structure. The candy suddenly becomes, after adding the second bag, fluffie and it also increases in volume.
The taste is sweet / sour and absolutely tastes for more. The sprinkles that you find in a separate bag to sprinkle over it, make for a crispy bite in your mouth.

The package is easy to make and the taste is simply delicious.

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