Slide Deluxe Green from Little Tikes

Recently we have paid extensive attention to the best summer outdoor toys. We have called the slide of course, because sliding is fun and that was completely when we put the slide here on the lawn in front of our house put together. Within no time we were surrounded by neighborhood children.

What's in the box?

The box in which the slide is huge. That is no different because the slide is no less than 180 cm and the sliding part consists of one piece. So you can imagine how big the box is. Furthermore you will find in the box, two side panels, a foot, four steps, a manual and a bag with screws.

Nice and easy

With so few parts, the slide is easy to assemble. Actually it is self-explanatory and you do not really need the manual. The slide has dark green side panels, a light green slide and yellow steps. Once assembled the slide is cheerful and inviting. That turned out to be true, because as soon as we had finished putting together, there were ten children around us who wanted to slide. And try to stop such a collection of enthusiasts ...

Pretty while

One after the other slid down with pleasure and of course sliding once was not enough. Sliding once was only an invitation for a second, third, fourth, etc. to be added. You can imagine that our visit to the lawn - despite the fact that the slide was mounted very quickly - did take quite some time. Let me put it this way, the neighborhood children have approved the slide.


What is so useful about this slide is the fact that it can be folded up. So you can collapse it as soon as you no longer use it, so you do not lose your half-yard. It is therefore relatively small to store, for example in the barn. The slide is suitable for children from 3 years. The dimensions are: 213 x 122 134 cm. The quality of the slide is as you might expect from Little Tikes. Sturdy and durable.

Specifications Slide Deluxe Green

TitleSlide Deluxe Green
BrandLittle Tikes
price129.59 euros

Video: Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse. Demo

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