My Zoo, new game from Just Games

This month Just Games came with a new game: My Zoo. Just like 'Expedition Robinson' and 'Who is the mole?'

The new game 'My Zoo' is a combination of board and card game where the players have to make sure that they fill their animal enclosures as quickly as possible. But at the same time you can use actions to ensure that the stays of your opponents are deflated or even closed. The ultimate goal of the game is to be the first to open the 5-star accommodation. You can play the game with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players.

New from the box

On a weekday evening, while enjoying a cup of tea, we pulled the plastic from the box of the game. That alone is of course delicious: to get a new game out of the box. But before we could really get to work, we had to read the rules a number of times. And not a very clear answer to every question.


At one point we decided to just start, that often works best to discover exactly how it works. And soon we got an idea how it worked. How you can ensure that you get animals in your stay and how you will be given the next stay. At first we were mainly focused on filling our own accommodations. But in addition, you can also carry out actions, so that you counter your opponent in filling his places. Very nice that in this way you can choose different strategies to play this game: do I focus mainly on myself and my own 'zoo', or do I choose to sabotage the other (s)?


Besides being an entertaining game, there is a lot to discover for both children and adults. For example, we learned a number of new animals through the game and because the animals are classified per living environment, there is also a lot to learn about where they live in the world. But to play the game you do not need to know anything about these animals.

Worth repeating

Once we realized how it worked, we really enjoyed it and this game will certainly be played more often here in the house!

Specifications My Zoo

NameMy Zoo
BrandJust Games
price24.99 euros

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