Pregnancy yoga

There are all different pregnancy courses and it is therefore important that you choose one that suits you. Pregnancy yoga is one of the possibilities. Doing this form of yoga can bring peace during a special period in your life. It makes you more aware of your body and teaches you (better) to listen to your feelings, bringing you closer to yourself and your baby.

What is pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga is the same as regular yoga, but the exercises are adapted to your pregnant body. This makes the exercises somewhat lighter and less strenuous. They are meant to stay fit and strengthen your body in preparation for childbirth.

What do you learn during the zwanschapsyoga lessons?

During the lessons you learn to relax, to concentrate and to gain in your own strength what is important during the delivery.
You get relaxation exercises and breathing exercises and you learn to trust your feelings. There is peace and attention for yourself and for your child.

Basic skills

Each lesson contains a number of basic skills such as exercises based on strength, breathing and posture. The techniques used are aimed at making your pelvis stronger and smoother. The better you are prepared for the delivery, the better that your delivery will take place.
Learning to relax well plays a big role, but you also learn how to cope with contractions and to squeeze methods.

Pregnancy disorders

In addition, attention is paid to reducing certain pregnancy ailments in a natural way. The physical exercises are primarily intended to reduce complaints such as back and band pain or insomnia.

Partner lesson

A pregnancy yoga course usually also has a 'partner lesson'. During this lesson your partner can join and you will receive an explanation about the delivery together. That is not only fun but also very useful.

How long does a lesson take?

This varies per institute, but a lesson averages about 75 minutes. You can start from the 12th week and you can continue to follow classes until just before you give birth. It is never too late to start yoga during pregnancy, but the later you start the less you can benefit from it.

A pregnancy yoga course is usually between five and ten lessons and costs between 100 and 200 euros. If the institute is affiliated with the Dutch Yogaleerkachten Association and / or is a member of the European Yoga Union, it is possible that the pregnancy yoga is fully (or partly) reimbursed by your health insurer. Inquire about this.

The price is of course also dependent on whether you opt for group lessons or private lessons. Private lessons are obviously more expensive.

Postnatal yoga

After delivery you can opt for postnatal yoga, to get fit again as soon as possible. Give your body a few weeks of rest after the birth to recover. After about six weeks you can start building up.

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