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This is certainly not the first book by Mark van der Werf and hopefully not the last. Mark is a Dutch journalist and writer who became best known for the 'Master Mark series'. We have already discussed the book 'Thick ten by Master Mark'. For this book 'School Square Mothers' Mark talked to dozens of mothers (and fathers) in the schoolyard, in the coffee room and at home at the kitchen table. So he talked about the first school day until the school camp in group eight. He bundled these experiences in this book.

What makes it fun?

What makes this book fun? Well especially the recognisability is the largest common denominator of all those parents together. There are certainly experiences between those that are going to happen to you. Probably not all, but a lot. And what is especially indicated by all parents: we are tired. Very tired and yet we continue and bake the most beautiful cupcakes, we check the baby hairs in search of lice and we make puff pastry snacks for the Christmas dinner.

Crashing time

When you read through the book, you suddenly realize what a debilitating time that elementary school time is. Not even so much for your child, but those school years do a decent job on you, as a parent. Do not forget the sponsorship run, do you walk along during the four-day trip ?, also help decorate the school for Christmas / Easter / Sinterklaas days, do not forget the cakes before the school party, think also of empty toilet rolls and those empty bottles for that one collection action and oh, wait, do you have time as a reading mother for an hour a week? And, well, the list is much longer. It is even more tiring than going to school yourself.

And that is why this book is so nice. Because all those mothers think the same about it. Whether it's that one trendy mom, or that whining, or that shark, or that shy man, or just that old hand, or ... yes, everybody.

Specifications Schoolyard mother

TitleSchoolyard mother
PublishingScriptum Books
AuthorMark van der Werf
Number of pages190
price16.95 euros

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