Instagram is currently not part of the series of social media possibilities. At the moment it is even the most popular form to share what keeps us busy. Via Instagram you can show the best photos or share funny short films. The movies are so short (max 15 seconds) that they look more like moving pictures than real movies). Instagram is the most used as relaxation, just in between. Millions of users around the world post their favorite photos every day or like others. However, in order to get a good running Instagram account, it is important that the account meets certain conditions, or in other words Instaproof is. And that's what this book is about.

Flink grown

Young people have massively discovered Instagram and that group has grown considerably in the Netherlands. Instagram passes Twitter and is the most popular among young people with Snapchat and WhatsApp.
But with an Instagram account, you are not yet an influencer, and if you post a photo, you do not suddenly have 10,000 followers. There is something more to it and you can read that in this book.

Visual storytelling

Instagram is about visual storytelling. By means of photos and videos, users show what they touch, who they love or who they admire. Before you start on Instagram it is useful to think in advance what you want to tell your followers exactly? What is your vision, what do you want to share, what is your motivation? The better you keep your goal in mind, the sooner you will achieve this goal.

Success of Instagram

This book is packed with tips on how to make a success of your instagram account. It is nicely written loose so you read the raft and those tips are often very practical and easy to apply. Is your Instagram account already Instaproof?

Specifications Instaproof

PublishingPublisher Snor
AuthorKirsten Jassies and Joyce Nafzger
Number of pages150
price17.50 euros

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