Soft 'n slo Squishies

A few weeks ago I ordered a number of squishies in China, via AliExpress. Meanwhile, they had come trickling in during the weeks. Actually, after the first squishie I regretted ordering them, because 'OMG' stinking those things. Not just a bad smell, but such a huge chemical air where you immediately know: 'This can never be good'. I'm going to write a product review about it shortly, but I'll wait a bit until I have everything inside, so that I can discuss everything at once. So please be patient.

Fortunately, it can be different

Luckily it can be done differently, BOTI proves with this beautiful collection Soft 'n slo Squishies. They are not surrounded by a chemical smell and feel so soft. It feels really nice in your hands, and once you have crouched them together, they change very slowly to their original form. How slow this goes, you can see in our short clip.


I absolutely have my reservations about the Chinese copies of AliExpress, but these new BOTI squishies have been found safe to play with. That is of course a very nice idea! And then the shapes: fruit, tarts, cupcakes, ice creams, pancakes. It looks so inviting ...! This makes me happy now.

They are fun for everyone

Squishies are fun for everyone. From small to large. Even for teenagers. As soon as my son has them in his sights, he rushes and has to crumple all squishies. I understand that well, because they feel great, with the strawberry cake as my big favorite. He feels so velvety and he is so nice to squeeze.

View the clip

Price and availability

The squishies will be available for € 11.99 from March at various large toy stores such as Intertoys and They are not all available at the moment, but they are coming soon! Of course the squishies are quite pricey and there are certainly cheaper squishies for sale, but personally I am especially very happy that there are finally squishies for sale that I am sure they are safe. Then I would like to pay a little more.

Specifications Soft'n Slo Squishies Banana Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

TitleSoft'n Slo Squishies Banana Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
price11.99 euros

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