This is pure indulgence! # blog41

When I come to the front door today, my eye falls on a package. For a moment I am surprised that this is not called, but then I see that the package is small enough to be thrown through the mailbox. In itself a package is not so special, for my work I get packages more often but this is different. This package is a festive bow and it is addressed in my own name and not on my company name.

This package is really for me. And that makes me curious!


Although I actually had to leave the door for an appointment, I can not control my curiosity. The box looks so festive with that beautiful bow and the label with the text 'Mrs Janet Brownerie' appeals to my imagination. I pull the bow off and as soon as I open the lid, I only think 'wow'. No, actually I think: 'WOW'. In the box there are four presents, each with four brownies in different flavors. In my box I find the flavors: Roasted pecan, Happy peanut butter / pistachio, Lovely Lavender and Traditional chocolate. On top is a sweet card. It turns out to be a gift from a good friend to thank me for something. How sweet, what fun, what thoughtful and what makes me happy with this!

Many occasions

There are often occasions when you want to give someone something extra. To thank or just because someone can use some extras. For example in case of illness, a sad event, a planned marriage, birth or a forgotten birthday. Or how about Valentine's Day! There are so many occasions where you can pamper someone with this gift. Because who does not like brownies? And I can assure you, I've tasted them all, these brownies are delicious! With three fancy candles around me, the box was empty the same evening. Up to and including the last crumb.

You do not have to stay home for Mrs Janet Brownerie

It is nice that someone does not have to be home to receive the gift. Do not pick up a package from the neighbors if you happen to not be home at the moment of delivery. It just fits through the mailbox! Of course I have looked at the site, because I will certainly make others happy with this gift. I saw on the site that you can choose from two different sizes (8 and 16 brownies) and eight different flavors. Four of them were in my box, but they also have the flavors: Beautiful Orange, Wonderful peanut butter, Sweet salted caramel and Cheescake raspberry. OMG, when I see those photos, I am almost able to order a package for myself to try these flavors. I am, however, on the line, so I keep myself in. With effort.


In any case, I have become very happy with this wonderful gift and I am also sure that I am going to surprise others too! Nomnomnom ...

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