The Consultation Office - What can you expect from it?

The consultation office is not only there for vaccinations but also for the development of your child by experts (pediatrician). At each visit your baby goes on the scale and on the measuring bar. The circumference of his head is also measured. Everything is kept in a growth book and drawn in a growth diagram. The lines of your child are compared to the 'standard lines' (average) using these diagrams.

In addition to the regular checks, you can also contact the CB with all questions about your child. You are not obliged to go to the clinic, but it is advisable. The CB is free for everyone.

A few days after the birth of your child, a district nurse comes to your home, she hands you the growth book (Green book). In this booklet the developments of the first four years of your child are kept. During this visit an appointment is made immediately for your first visit to the consultation office.

Until your child is half a year old, you go to the clinic every month. After this (up to one and a half years) this is done once every 2 to 3 months, hereafter once a year.
Your first visit to the clinic is when your child is about four to six weeks old.

Consultation desk - Does the advice still work?

In 1901 the doors of the consultation office were opened for the first time in The Hague. It was a private initiative from the cross association to reduce child mortality. At that time it was shockingly high due to poor hygiene and hardly any information about infant care.
Around 1920, more and more consultancies came to the Netherlands and young mothers made grateful use of this. Child mortality was thus reduced. In the following years the CB became a concept and the care was increasingly focused on mother and child.

More comprehensive

Anno 2017 and more than a century later, young mothers can still go to the health centers and the care that is offered is more and more extensive. The home care has taken over from the cross association and this service is free. Although not compulsory by the government, 98% of the young mothers go to the health center. At the health clinic, the health, growth and development of babies and toddlers aged 0-4 years is monitored and the national vaccination program is being implemented. Parents find it pleasant to have the health and development of their baby mapped and to (possibly) make use of the national vaccination program. In addition, they can contact the health center with their questions about (breast) feeding, behavior, sleep, safety and upbringing. If something is not right then you will automatically be referred to specialized regular help, such as the general practitioner, pediatrician, physiotherapist, etc. All in all, the CB is therefore a useful institution with hard-working, specially trained doctors and nurses.

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