Nelson's ninja book

Children love to romp and that's a good thing too. Because it is a great way to get rid of the excess energy! And it is not only useful, it can also be incredibly fun! And 'Nelsons Ninja Book' can make it even more fun for you! More fun and exciting! Because in whom is there no hidden ninja ... waiting to be awakened!

More than just romping

In the book you will find no less than 20 different pull and push games, but there is more in this book. You can also learn how to easily make a dark sweater, a cool ninja mask! And you do not even have to cut it! After use, he can go back in the closet. No one who notices that you are actually a ninja in secret!

The story

Nelson gets new neighbors and the girl next door looks a bit like a ninja. And then Nelson gets an invitation for a real Ninja party! But help! Nelson is not a ninja at all! That is why he gets a crash course ninja from his father. He learns everything. How Ninjas always laugh while training, how ninjas take care of themselves, that STOP is a magic ninja word and much more.


Nelson also learns different positions, such as the battle mode, the board or the step position. And in addition, there are all tough pull and push games that you can do as ninja. With the parents as a personal coach to monitor safety.

What a nice book!

What a refreshing book! As a reader, you will learn all the steps Nelson also learns from his father. At the end of the book, the little reader has also become a super ninja. Well, if he actually participated in the exercises of course. After all, you will not receive it as a gift.
How much hidden ninja is there in your son or daughter? Bet he will also find this great!

Specifications Nelsons Ninja book

TitleNelson's ninja book
PublishingPublisher Davidsfons Infodok
AuthorLaura van Bouchout and Dieter Truyen
IllustratorEmma Thyssen
Number of pages80
price20.00 euros

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