The Onwijs Grote Filosofie Doeboek 2018

Philosophy for the kids. What do you have to imagine? And then also a doebook. But is not philosophizing a lot of thinking and talking? You are right in that, but children can get acquainted with philosophy in a fun and especially interactive way with this book. They do this on the basis of challenging puzzles and fun games. Playfully, children are faced with interesting questions, such as: Are you still yourself if you lose your toenail? And what if you lose your legs? And what if you lose your head? Are you still yourself?
Have you ever thought about that?

Major issues

Good question. Because what actually determines us? These are questions that even adult can often not give a clear answer to. Because what determines us are actually? In which body part is that hidden?
Philosophy Magazine makes a big game with the doebook. Playfully, children learn to think about big issues without overestimating them. Nothing wrong to encourage children to think. There can only be very surprising answers.

The first philosophical do-book

In the Netherlands this is the first philosophical do-book. "We see that more and more children are busy with philosophy. That is why children's philosophy books regularly appear ", says Lianne Tijhaar (editor Philosophy Magazine). "What was missing was a practical book that children can use to work on their own."

With as many as 100 pages of challenging questions and statements. Also curious about the answers of your child? Fun to philosophise together with your child, because philosophy is interesting for both small and large!

Specifications The Onwijs Grote Filosofie Doeboek 2018

TitleThe Onwijs Grote Filosofie Doeboek 2018
PublishingPhilosophy Magazine
Number of pages100
price14.49 euros

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