Natural sun products from Alphanova Sun

Children love to play in the sun. What could be more fun than baking sand tarts on the beach for hours or having a swim in the inflatable pool in the backyard? As a parent you ensure that this happens safely and a good sun protection should not be missed. SoloBioMooi has expanded its range with the 100% natural sun products from Alphanova Sun, especially for babies and young children.

Burning the skin by the sun is not only very painful, it can also have serious consequences if the child is older. Many cases of skin cancer are caused by burning during childhood. Keeping your active and enterprising child out of the sun is not always successful, so good sun protection that is safe for the skin is essential. Alphanova Sun is the only natural and Ecocert certified sun brand with products for children from 0 to 3 years. In addition to this new baby line, the brand also has a series of products for children from 3 years.

Protect the delicate baby skin

Never before has a manufacturer put a sunburn on the market, especially aimed at the delicate baby skin. For Alphanova Sun, this was reason enough to bring a special baby line to the market. The sun products from Alphanova Sun take care of the baby's skin and the child's skin, because besides the special baby line (0-3 years) there is a series of products for kids from 3 years. The products are also completely natural, so without any synthetic additives. They contain no color and fragrance and are even safe for the little ones. Thanks to the mineral sun filters, the sunscreen provides immediate protection after application. And also very nice: they leave no white haze on the skin. Ideal for impatient children who can not wait to play outside in nice weather.

Sun milk and spray with high protection factor

The Alphanova Sun product range for babies has an odorless sun spray available with SPF 50 (€ 23.99) and an odorless sunscreen with SPF 50+ (€ 15.99). For older children there is a natural sun spray with Sun Protection Factor SPF 30 (€ 18.99) and a sun spray with SPF 50 (€ 23.99) with the scent of vanilla and apricot. All baby and child products from Alphanova Sun are enriched with aloe vera, jojoba and tamanu oil. The skin is therefore not only optimally protected, but also cared for. In addition to the sun products for babies and children, SoloBioMooi also included the sunscreen for adults in the assortment.

About SoloBioMooi

SoloBioMooi is the webshop for organic cosmetics. With fair care products for adults, but also for children and babies. SoloBioMooi is amusing the world in its own way. Namely by selling natural and organic cosmetics and by working with beautiful people, beautiful products and beautiful ingredients. The products from Alphanova Sun fit perfectly with this philosophy and are a unique addition to the range.

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