You do breastfeed like that - Debby Mendelsohn

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby. You do breastfeeding as mothers during the entire breastfeeding period. The book starts with the laying of the baby and finding a correct posture.

It describes the first feeds and gives practical tricks that help you to give these and the following feeds successfully.
The result is that breastfeeding becomes part of the daily routine. The book covers all kinds of aspects, such as feeding and sleeping, flasks, learning to drink from a bottle, combining breastfeeding with a job, the transition to solid food, dealing with a troubled baby and much more.
In addition, you can read how beautiful the contact between mothers with their baby during feeding is. In short: a book with which mothers can breastfeed their babies, as long as they wish.

Our opinion 'Breastfeeding like this'

It seems so natural, breastfeed your baby. For it is the intention of nature that your child should be fed in this way? Still, it can make you very insecure when it does not go all the way, as you had in mind. This handy booklet can help you on your way. It tells you how to start building your child, finding the right posture and giving practical tips that can help you to keep up well. It gives you just a heart under your belt, which you sometimes need.
You will find answers to many questions in this booklet. For example, about breastfeeding and premature babies, breastfeeding after caesarean sections, medicines and flu, and this is just a few of the topics.
Debby Mendelsohn is a psychologist and mother of six children. She has no less than 13 years of experience in breastfeeding. The book is pleasantly written, so you read through the texts quickly.
As far as we are concerned, a very useful and useful booklet!

TitleYou do breastfeeding like this
PublishingPublisher Forte
AuthorDebby Mendelsohn
IllustratorNicole Smans
Number of pages96
price12.95 euros

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