The Unicorn craft book

Who is not crazy about unicorns? They are magical, fairy-tale, look very cute and they are very rare. No one has ever seen a real, living Unicorn. Of course that is not possible because they do not really exist. Yet the unicorn 'lives', especially in the perception of children. And of course there is nothing wrong with that.


Nowadays the unicorn is pretty hip. You can not view a youtube video or it has a unicorn in it. Think for example of making unicornkots (mucus), unicorn tart or unicorn make-up. I have seen it all on Youtube. The book 'The Unicorn craft book' fits in nicely with this. It gives you a lot of creative unicorn inspiration. Think for example of a unicorn pie (and it looks really nice!), Unicorn craftwork, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn mucus. Well you can not think of it so crazy and you will find it in this book. The whole book is actually one magical wonderland full of fairytale crafts and delicacies.

Magic in your life

With the fantastic craft ideas in 'The unicorn craft book' you bring magic into your life, because paper, wool, fabric and natural materials contain magical unicorn power. Try it yourself!
Give a unicorn party with a rainbow cake and make cuddly unicorns with your friends. Or go for a swim in the bath with special unicorn glitter ball bobbies. Or how about a glittering unicorn snowball.


The book is very nice and looks beautiful. It is really a party to browse through, without you immediately getting started. Certainly know that the little ladies dream away with this book and want to start immediately to make something out of the book. Definitely a fat, fat, tip!

Specifications The Unicorn craft book

TitleThe Unicorn craft book
PublishingCharacter Publishers
AuthorPia Deges
IllustratorPia Deges
Number of pages64
price12.99 euros


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