The big Jill-Game Book

Jill Schirnhofer is no stranger to Oudersenzo. In the meantime we have already discussed a number of her books such as: The large Jill sketchbook, More signs with Jill and My diary. Now it is the Big Jill Game Book's turn. The typical way of drawing stimulates the young draftsman. The explanations in the books are easy to follow by children. Frankly, I think that many adults also like her way of drawing.

The big Jill-Game Book

The Big Jill Games Book is not a drawing book in this case, but of course it is not surprising that 'drawing' is central to this book. All pages are brightened up with her typical way of illustration and most drawings invite you to be colored by you. However, the book offers much more. In addition to the many drawing tips, you will also find many beauty tips in this book. Did you know, for example, that you have nails no time be dry when you dip them in a box with ice cubes? There is also room for recipes - for example, a delicious supershake - craft tips, games, rebuses and much, much more.

Who is Jill Schirnhofer?

Multitalent Jill Schirnhofer (Amsterdam) draws, designs, writes and creates programs. She is known for her own TV program 'Jill' on Zapp and her YouTube films. She is extremely popular among young girls. She is the author of bestsellers as Signs with Jill and The big Jill doebook.

What do I think?

This is a book that children can be cheerful about and dive into with enthusiasm. It is really a book now, full of tips and games. Definitely recommended for the upcoming holiday. With this they will be just as sweet ... With a lot of coloring and drawing fun!

Specifications The large Jill Game Book

TitleThe big Jill-Game Book
PublishingCharacter Publishers
AuthorJill Schirnhofer
IllustratorJill Schirnhofer
Number of pages96
price12.50 euros

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