Crawling creatures excavation kit (from the Action)

The last time I walked through the Action, I came across this Crawling creatures excavation kit. Well, I do not come to the Action so often, so it's been a while since I bought this package. It has been so long ago that I can no longer find the voucher. So I have no idea what I paid for this package. Knowing the Action, it could never have been much.

To discover

Rocco has had more of this kind of 'discovery packages' in the past, so I knew a bit beforehand what to expect. Troop. Especially a lot of junk. Not that it is a packet, but you can imagine that the chopping and flicking, gives a lot of mess. Convenient to do everything on a tray from the beginning. Oh, and do not blow, as my lovely son did halfway. "Mom, shall I help you?" Heel-heel-heel, pewwwww ... Oops! Sorry mom! " I was completely white. The table too. And the floor. And, what not actually. Gosh, how I love my child.

What's in the Crawling creatures excavation kit

But back to the package. What's in the box: a green petrified beetle (or something that looks like it), a brush (So you do not have to blow, you read the Rocco? I'll repeat it for you: so you do NOT have to blow. ), a chisel, a magnifying glass and a manual.

The idea is to chew the green beetle with the plastic mini chisel. If you have a lot of patience, that's fine. If you have a little less patience, like me, you just put the beetle in the water halfway, so that afterwards much larger pieces are released during chiselling. It's just a tip. Water has another advantage, it ensures that it no longer drifts, so that you can breathe quietly while chiseling.

To discover

During the chopping you will encounter everything. Three (plastic) animals are hidden in the green beetle. A rather large scorpion, a spider and a small spider. That little spider let me scare me. I did not notice him, so I'm fiercely chopping and suddenly that little spider jumps up, in my face. I was shocked because I do not like spiders. And certainly not of spiders that fly unexpectedly in your face. Even if they are just plastic.

What do I think about it

Discovering is always fun for children. I only wonder who will eventually cut it. Maybe my child makes an enthusiastic start, but I wonder if a child has the patience to continue cutting to the end. It is namely - if you do not wet it - quite a bit laborious. And slowly. So I fear that it is the parents who are finally chopping and breaking. Therefore, I can only say: You are honoring before you begin.

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