Hypnobirth - An effective pregnancy course

Hypnobirth is a practical and highly effective pregnancy course where the (bevelled) partners get an active role in coaching the pregnant and bullying woman.

The big difference between people and (suckling) animals is our brain. Thoughts that can be so powerful and directive. This applies both positively and negatively. During a course Hypnobirth you learn to recognize and direct these thoughts. You re-program your head, as it were, and only hold those convictions that are of value for the birth.

Then, in complete relaxation, the body can do what it is made for: giving birth! Because the body knows exactly what it has to do. You do not have to read books to be able to give birth, that goes without saying. The limiting factor is usually, the head! The worries, fears and doubts that cause an unsafe feeling and thus block the body. That relaxation is achieved among others by breathing, massage and exercises with suggestions. Actually you can compare the latter with a kind of daydreaming. The students make a leisure trip in their heads, and learn to reach this at home themselves. With help from the (recommended) partner of course.

In addition to brain training, you will also receive a lot of practical tips on the day of delivery. Much is a good preparation. If you are aware of what you can expect, you will be much less surprised at the moment. With that knowledge in your pocket, possible stress and anxiety can be transformed into control and relaxation. This then has an immediate effect on the body and thus on the smooth running of the delivery. Even the experience of pain has a direct connection with whether or not it is relaxed.

All this, and more, is Hypnobirth. It is awesome!

Do you have questions or do you want more explanation about the above; be welcome. Gladly! I firmly believe in this technique and I love to talk about its value. The course is so diverse that it is difficult to summarize this in a few lines. I think that every pregnant Hypnobirth should follow. Or actually, every new life deserves this. Two happy and relaxed parents during and after the birth is of vital importance for every baby!

More about Iris

Iris is 32 years old and lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend and son Jayden. Iris is a slight control freak and quickly panics. During the pregnancy she watched the birth, but through the course Hypnobirth she remained so focused and relaxed during the birth of her little hero, that it has become a very special experience. And that while it absolutely did not go as she would have liked. She kept the direction herself and was coached in a wonderful way by her boyfriend, a down-to-earth bookkeeper who initially had to know nothing about hypnosis. That is why she fell in love with the method, completed a teacher training, and now wants to share this magical experience with other (anxious) parents.

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